Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oh So Pink

oil paint, 5"x7"
a small new piece for the GirlsDrawinGirls show.
Theme: Burlesque and Pin-ups
Time: Nov. 15th thur. 6-10pm
Location: Fast Frame in Glendale, Brand Blvd., near Subway store.


Seraphim Twilight Rhapsody said...
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Seraphim Twilight Rhapsody said...

All right, I am the first one to comment on this piece.

It is always a pleasure to see your new works.

Anonymous said...

What i appreciate about your depictions of women is the strange associations...for instance, the bats and in this one the tassles. Tassles seem not so foreign, but in this image they are stark and almost abrasive in comparison with the female figure. I like that you combine harsh and soft.

George kaprielian said...

Hey Dani, grats on the show. Good stuff. keep up the good work and maybe you'll one day reach my level of awesomeness. the level of awesomeness I'm at now I mean, cause by then I will have reached an even more awesome level of awesomeness....awesome.

Heather_Chavez said...

I think i have that outfit too...jk
great gesture

Anonymous said...