Tuesday, September 04, 2007


another piece that will be in the Castle Green Show. watercolor.

up coming:

GirlsDrawinGirls Group Show~!
October 13th. 2007
Castle Green
located on the corner of Raymen and Green St.
Old Town Pasadena, CA


A.R.T. aka Autumn Rain said...

I like it. The colors are subtle but they have good contrasts. I really like some of the blends you have going, I don't have any crits since it is done.

Danni No.44 said...

please still do give crits. so i can improve next time =)

Heather_Chavez said...

I love the bat bra, great drawings ..I lvoe how you draw women

Seraphim Twilight Rhapsody said...

Your women tend to give a light and airy feeling, keep up the good work Danni.

Love your work by the way.

Chris said...

really great one!

Urban Barbarian said...

Bee-you-tiff-ful! Hope you rock that show!