Monday, July 23, 2007

1-up sprite

here's the final =)
last minute piece for comic con~
comments greatly welcome~


caro said...

i love the way you shade- really pretty!

boob said...

Nice imagery. Dig the retro stair-step pixels back there. That hair and that intense expression reminds me of the Boondocks. It kinda feels like some areas are more detailed and finished than others. Her face and chest feel very thought out and dimensional but her arms, hands, hair puffs, tummy, and the bag o' chips feel kinda flat. It just feels there's sort of a mix here. That face feels sculpted by contrast. I hope I'm not being too forward with feedback :) It's a great image regardless. Playing Wii in your underwear is ALWAYS better than going "wii" in your underwear... ;)

The con is finally over...*exhausted* I think I saw you at the girls drawing girls booth this year. Hope you had fun!


Daniel said...

I bought this print at Comic-con at the Girls Drawin Girls booth. I really like it, and it makes me laugh that it's a last minute entry. :)